@Antzon (159)
September 6, 2008 4:31am CST
Any close encounter with fire before? My house was once on fire before, well... a small one actually but is was scary. My mom was cooking and she left the stove on to anwser the phone and before long the whole wok is on fire. I was quite young then and i wanted to call the fire department LOL. But all was fine when my father bring the whole burning wok outside and let it burn itself out. The only negative thing that the fire brought was a black ceiling. whats your experience?
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@sysco252 (43)
• Singapore
7 Sep 08
haha!!! didn't experience fire in the house b4. but then there was once during the F&N practical lesson, back in secondary school, then there was so many dovetailing to do, so i left the fire on. then the whole pot turned black, then gotta recook. haiz... lucky didn't burn the table.