Why is it good to be a daddy's girl but bad to be a momma's boy?

September 6, 2008 1:08pm CST
sorry to all the momma's boy out there..im just curios.. opinions are well appreciated.
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• Canada
6 Sep 08
I would really like an answer to this as well . My son is a momma's boy and I see nothing wrong with this . He is a good kid and treats all with respect and to me this is better then trying to act all macho and being a bully to others . The same goes for when he was younger and a friend of ours thought it was funny when he bought a dinkie for our daughter for her first Christmas . He had mainly did it because he thought it would annoy me but but truth of it is that I saw nothing wrong with my daughter playing with dinkies the same as I saw nothing wrong with my son playing with a doll . Many think this is wrong but face it , a little boy playing with a doll is because he is using his imagination , he is pretending to be a daddy and when he is older , I would like to know that he will be a good dad .