Worst Commercials Ever!

@sedel1027 (17858)
Cupertino, California
September 6, 2008 1:57pm CST
I just saw the "new" Microsoft Commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. The commercial has Jerry (eating a churzo) & Bill having a exchange in a SHOE STORE and it ends with them leaving the mall together and Jerry asking Bill to "adjust his shorts"....... There is only 1 computer question. Jerry asks Bill if there will ever be something from a computer that makes is soft and fluffy like cake, so that you could eat your PC and use it at the same time...... UGH. Such a waste of air time! I really want to through my PC out of the window and buy a Mac!
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@suspenseful (40311)
• Canada
6 Sep 08
I have not seen it, thank goodness. I hated Seinfeld anyway, so I am working hard writing on myLot, working on getting my Mac. I have enough money now to buy it. Now I have to work on getting the Microsoft Office for Mac. And after that, no more Windows. Let me see a computer lasts six years. Damn it, four years before this one blows.
@pyewacket (44032)
• United States
6 Sep 08
Well thankfully I've been spared from seeing this commercial so far...I'm not a great Seinfeld fan to begin with. Wonder if a lot of money was spent making that commercial and from the way you describe the commercial, like how is that going to encourage people to buy a PC?....LOL...I happen to have a Mac computer.....Heehee