life with out a partner?

September 7, 2008 10:25am CST
is it possible to led a happy life without a life partner ? if yes how can we enjoy life?
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13 Sep 08
life can still be beautiful and exciting even without a life partner. there are a lot of other people whome you can share your moments with. take time to interact with them and you can see that there is more to life even without a partner.
7 Sep 08
If you believe you cant be happy if your not with someone then its silly. Life is about more than relationships. There is so much to do and enjoy, and most things can be done without a partner Of course it is nice to have one, but happiness doesnt depend on if your with someone or not.
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
of course. you don't have to be inlove just to be happy. happiness requires contentment. you have to learn to appreciate what you have in order to find true happiness.