What useless things would you like to buy?

@Sheepie (3118)
United States
September 7, 2008 12:09pm CST
Are there things that you think are cool but you won't buy them because you know you would have no use for them/they are too expensive? I really think those realistic baby dolls are very cool and I would like to hold one, but they're really expensive and i know I would get bored of it fast. See reborn-baby.com, that is the doll I am talking about. I also think they would be great if I wanted to draw babies, or I could take it places and make people think I had a baby. Maybe they would say "How cute!" and I would just nod, and not tell them it's not a real baby.
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@bowtieguy (5917)
• United States
16 Sep 08
Nothing in particular really, Mostly when I am watching comercials I see several things that might be neat to try out but am hesitant knowing weither or not I would ever use them, Really I just want to know if they actually work. Like those glass plant pots waters amoung various other products.
@austere (2814)
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
hahaha... that's funny..hehe well, i dont really know.. i tend to buy a lot of useless stuffs but i just realize that it's useless after i have paid it in the cashier..hehe like extra shoes, i have bought a shoes i havent even used yet!hahaha really.. and i dont know.. i just spend a lot.. a real impulsive one..hehe i know i need to change this attitude and learn how to save!