Aids will find a medicine

September 7, 2008 3:26pm CST
Do you think that Aids will definitely be cured? do you think we will find a medicine that cure aids?
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@thungster (156)
• United States
24 Feb 09
I think it is very likely that a cure will be developed sometime in the future. I work in an HIV lab right now and I am constantly reading about new developments about HIV. As scientists continue to do research, we will start to better understand the nuances of how HIV interacts with and evades the human immune system. With this knowledge, we are steps closer to developing a cure or, better yet, a vaccine.
7 Sep 08
I think that we may eventually find a cure but by then we will probably have some other dreaded disease. Has anyone seen the movie "I am Legend"? I imagine something like that will happen once we have cured all diseases.
@doctorul (1058)
• Romania
7 Sep 08
Yes! Of course it will be cured! Sometimes in the future!