Have you ever started a topic in the wrong discussion area?

United States
September 7, 2008 4:24pm CST
Four months after I did this, I just realized I did it. Duh me! I posted about Cher's birthday in "make extra money", instead of music. No wonder I didn't get a lot of responses. The sad thing is that I just noticed it. Is it me, or have you done it also? Please tell me I'm not alone!
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@ahgong (10064)
• Singapore
30 Sep 08
I am sure you are not alone. Just yesterday, I was happily posting a post in a discussion. Only to realize that the response was posted in the wrong discussion window I had opened. So embarrassing! And the worst part of it is, the discussion is talking about two totally different things! So I posted a follow up to apologise. Nothing big deal about it. Just be careful in future that is all.
@Chevee (5914)
• United States
8 Sep 08
When I first started I started every discussion in the general discussion area. I started reading some of the post and I read the FAQ and it said to start discussions under the correct interest then I started doing that. In the begining I felt like that was too much trouble.
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
7 Sep 08
I haven't do that before. I usually confuse that I have one topic but can be start in two interest place. So it make me think a moment. But I decided to put in the most interest that I like. My topic is a question about life, so I decide to put in question&answer. keep post happy myLotting...
@PearlGrace (3171)
• United States
7 Sep 08
Hello kimbers867. Speaking of "duh," I don't even know how you figured out that you did that! I rarely go back through my discussions, except to mark a "best response." Maybe I would notice it then, but maybe not. I couldn't honestly say whether I've done this or not. One time, I started a discussion about American Idol in the "general" discussion area and not a single person responded to it. I couldn't figure that out! Then, I went back later under the "American Idol" interest and started a similar discussion. I do think 1 person may have come through for me and answered the one I started in "general" topic area. Take care, kimbers867. Rest assured that if you don't know something about myLot that it is a sure bet that PearlGrace doesn't know it either...
@KrauseHome (36730)
• United States
7 Sep 08
I am sure many of us have done that. It can be Frustrating, and you could start a New discussion with almost the same topic in the right discussion area and then go from there. I know we may not always intend to do it, but things happen. Just live and learn and move on from there.