Probably the worst webpage in the world?

@jend80 (2068)
September 7, 2008 8:33pm CST
found this the other day while looking at html/css tutorial sites It's a deliberetly bad example done to demonstrate why using the blink and marquee tags are a really, really bad idea. Has text scrolling at blinking all over the place and it's giving me a headache - suposedly looks even worse in other brousers
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@hichamov (507)
• Morocco
8 Sep 08
i think that you Folks, you didn't understand, yes it's bad, definitely bad bad bad , but see the page name !! HTMLHORROR1.html So it's must be BAD BAD worse page lol
• Canada
8 Sep 08
Wow, that is bad!!! It gave me one kind of a headache to look at it, and a different kind of a headache when I closed it after about six seconds, and tried to get my eyes to adjust to normalcy again. Now I have two headaches, simultaniously. LOL That's definitely a good example of a bad design. Thanks for sharing it with all of us, and I hope lessons have been learned from the experience.