What would you do if you become the WORLDS RICHEST person....???

@dsharat (456)
September 8, 2008 2:42am CST
I wish to become the WORLDS RICHEST person.Even though its not that easy,there is nothing wrong in dreaming about it.If I become the Richest fellow,then Ill change the world such that each and every one should talk about me and about my works.Then Ill make MICROSOFT,and all other big International companies to work under me.My name will be printed on each n every product.From a safety pin to a big machine's and buildings..Ill make one separate country with my name..Etc..etc.,, it sounds funny,but.. Friends what will you become if you are the world's richest person now... Please share with us.. Thank you reading and for responding..!!!
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• United States
9 Sep 08
I buy my parents whatever they want, make sure all the children in my family college fees were paid for. Invest in business to make jobs for more people. Give money to the community ( and not through foundations either). Buy a jet, a cruise ship lol and jus relax. the rest of my life.
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@dsharat (456)
• India
9 Sep 08
Cool... Welcome to mylot..And thank you for responding..!!!
@mimingsi (152)
• Philippines
8 Sep 08
If I were the world's richest person.. I would create many many jobs, and give people good but reasonable wages, and a lot of benefits. :) I'd like to create projects for anti-poverty and peace projects.. woohooo!!! Hope my family and I do get even an inkling of the wealth of the world's richest person.
@soleya (1102)
• Latvia
22 Oct 08
I realy want to become the Richest Woman on the Planet. I think it is so much fun, to be the best out of so many people on the planet Earth. When I become the Richest Woman on the Planet I will spend a lot of money on charity, invest money wisely, so that I remain The Richest as long as I could and also travel a lot and have fun.
@Jxbutler (35)
13 Sep 08
First of all, I'd change my phone number. Apparently non-stop phone calls from charities is a living nightmare for lottery winners. Secondly, I'd move to a nice, quiet country that's both sunny, and safe. Good weather, good people, and no venomous bitey six legged flying things. Somewhere that nobody's in a hurry to go anywhere. Just easy going, laid back folks that get by without want or worry. One of the greek islands, I think. Thirdly, I'd set up (or continue) a business that grows my money while helping others to get to where I am. Fourthly, being rich is great, but what's left? Sit and stare at a wall now you have everything? Nah. I'd go work for an animal charity (or even start my own). I like animals, and it would kill some time that otherwise I'd go insane doing nothing.
@Sean_Jean (269)
• Canada
11 Sep 08
If i was the worlds richest person, Id give some to the homeless so they'd stay out of our way! Muauhahaha Nah! im just kidding, but i would give some to them Also donate it to hospitals.. better health care etc :P
• India
10 Sep 08
if i become the richest - i wil become very comfortable with money i wil do things to raise the standard of living of as many people as i can i sponsor the education of as many kids as i can i will make medical facilities available to as many well, the list is endless, hmmm....that itself will generate lots of employment. isnt that very nice thing to be a rich man. pssst....with a good heart.