how mean you can be??

September 8, 2008 7:49am CST
if i have a quarrel to someone, i can live for a year or more not talking to you.. i can think bad things to do about you.. i can shout on you and physically hurt you when i can't take it anymore.. and the most mean i can be is that when i know i am backstab or abuse by someone who i know or a friend, i will take revenge by doing more goodness to him/her because i believe that kindness is a nastier revenge.. it came out of my mind.. im not like that but maybe i can be...
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@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
8 Sep 08
I never make it habit to strike back to people who hit me but if I have to, I am scared on how mean I can be because I always want to get what I want not caring how many people will be hurt or what will be the consequences of my actions. I am risk taker.
• Romania
8 Sep 08
it is never good to be mean.of course it is easier to do a bad thing than to do a good thing, but you should always know that the mean things that you do will be done to you too.a good deed makes the world better ;]