Decoding a Ticket

September 8, 2008 9:51am CST
My bf's brother just got his motorcycle impounded on the weekend. The cop told him that it was being taken away under the "stunting" law (sorry, I'm in Ontario, Canada). He told him he was doing 130km on a 100km highway. Now under the "street racing" law, the vehicle will be impounded if caught going 50 over the speed limit. He clearly wasn't going 50 over. So his ticket reads "Changing lanes at the rate of speed." and "Marked Departure". Does anyone know what these mean. Is he supposed to be an airplane or rocket ship? What is Marked Departure? and do they have any right to impound his bike and suspend his drivers license for the week? If he took this to court would he win? The ticket makes no sense at all! Thanks in advance for answering my question.
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@spalladino (17921)
• United States
8 Sep 08
I don't know Canadian law since I'm in the U.S. but I do know that law enforcement have the right to do whatever they feel is warranted at the time. It's up to the courts to decide if the officer was correct in his actions or not. Your boyfriend's brother should take it to court as he may end up with a reduced fine if he does. That's usually how it works down here....if you go to court and have a good excuse and are very sorry, the judge will usually reduce the fine and the points. Good luck.
• Canada
8 Sep 08
Thank you for your response. It's roughly the same up here but I don't know if the cop had a right in impounding his bike. I've never heard of the "stunting" law here but I'll tell him it's best to take it to court. Thank you.