Who watched the VMAs on MTV last night?

United States
September 8, 2008 12:07pm CST
Wow, that was seriously the worst VMAs in my opinion. I really think their budget for it was rather low. First off - Russell Brand hosting? As I predicted, no one knew who he was, no one found him funny, and he said things that PO'd some people. I've recently became addicted to a few shows/comedians over in the UK, and I think their idea of funny is a bit different from ours. I, myself, find it funny, but, I think a few people here would be offended. Anyway, the worst joke he made was about the Jonas Brothers & their promise rings. I think that is what made a lot of people mad. Second - what was up with the stage? It wasn't big at all - just a stage and a bunch of mirrors hanging about. Third - there were no real surprises. Yeah, Britney openned the show, which was suppose to be a surprise, but I already knew it was more than likely going to happen. I am glad she won, though. She looked fantastic. And, lastly, overall, I think MTV should have put more effort into this years show. It was quite a letdown. Okay, anyway, what's your opinion on last nights VMAs?
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