It agitates me!

@Amagnimo (637)
September 8, 2008 1:58pm CST
I really don't believe that people hardly look at [+] or [-].That's the best rating system, and if that is not used I would just like to .... Well, certain users, the known - the well-known - the frequent - the good "mylotters" do really pay attention to it, but if all do the same, it will have really good impact and influence. Rather it would give impetus to people to be more better and better. Why don't they use it - exceptions excepted. I know many readers here would use it but why can't others?? I just can't think of any reason - and if the newbies don't know, they can straight away ask it...right? I think people should be constantly reminded of rating people as and when required!
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@KrauseHome (36748)
• United States
8 Sep 08
I always Rate New discussions I choose to respond back too, and when someone responds back to one of my discussions I am rating there as well, as I feel it is very important to rate people as you see fit. The only problem becomes when there are the people who are anti against what someone had to say, and will go around rating all of their discussions negative as well. But I feel sometimes there are a lot of things for the New people to learn and understand, and without people asking questions or learning from other discussions, how will they ever know.
@Amagnimo (637)
• India
8 Sep 08
Yeah, right in the case - they really go crazy if one discussions ends up against their expectations. I am lucky I am not one of those (well, I wouldn't be even starting this discussion if I would have been one of them - not really! lol) But then, its great to see users punctual with the system too!! :) Thanks for the reply!