Is your workspace tidy?

September 8, 2008 3:46pm CST
Mine is not! it has post in its, chocolate,beads receipts,water bottle, hand lotion and even an ice cream tub on it.Its not normally like that, I really need to tidy it!!! I might do it now but i really cant be bothered, is the area where your computer is tidy? If not, whats on it?
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8 Sep 08
Not at all! I bought a hundred tea lights not long ago and the dormant pyromaniac in me flared up, as it were, again. I now have a huge block of candlewax I melted together. I have a cold so there's a toilet roll here, too. And pens, vaseline, crisp packets which have been there forever, post-it notes...
8 Sep 08
why do we do that?I have bought 100 tealights countless times, i'm not charles dickens i dont need that many candles! I hope you feel better soon!
@NonaSaile (924)
• Philippines
8 Sep 08
I'm not tidy at all. On top of my working table right now, besides the computer, there's a mouse that's not working, a measuring tape (and I'm wondering myself how it got here!), a pc headset that's also busted, cd's minus the cases, three books that I know are not being read. They may not sound so much, but it's in the way they're just scattered about. Meanwhile, oh my, the drawers totally need cleaning up.!
8 Sep 08
my cds do not have the cases either!
13 Sep 08
Mines no way tidy,theres stuff laying all about my desk,lol its a bit of a muddle.But its a tidy muddle if you get my drift,there are pens and pencils,there are post it notes,hubby uses them every day to remind himself where he is heading too,there are books and glasses,and if we have been having a cuppa then there are often mugs here and there too.But seeing as its my space I think im entitled to a little bit of clutter,as they say the clutter is clean,theres no mess involved.The computer always seems to draw the dust too,the screen is forever getting dusty,im always flushing the duster over the screen.
@gtdonna (1740)
8 Sep 08
Yep, mines have a standing file folder where I put my files, a small pen purse where I store my pens and pencils and a few notebooks and CDs I use for work all tidy and in a corner. I really can't work if my workspace is untidy...I would drop everything and get up and clean in a heartbeat lol