The matrix...

September 8, 2008 6:27pm CST
This is not so much about the film, more about the idea that everything is one. However, life gets bored with itself and so decides to split into many pieces and play a game of hide and seek... Most of us have this sensation, that we're individual beings, enclosed in a skin and separate to that OUT THERE. In reality, I feel there are countless interconnections. We create polarities: to appreciate our friends, we create enemies. And there's the clue WE CREATE. Right now we live in slow time... We have wishes, desires, heartfelt desires. If there is something we really want and we BELIEVE in this strongly enough, it will manifest itself... it just takes TIME... There are a lot of other concepts and ideas to discuss here... but anyways... Please add your viewpoint!!!
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@jimbomuso (950)
16 Sep 08
Hi dreamhealer! I think everything is inter-connected, not by religion, but by 'quantum entanglement'. in my more wilder flights of fancy, I think consciousness is a 'quantum energy field' which is the soul.
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17 Sep 08
Hi dream! quantum entanglement is when one particle is connected to another, distance and time do not apply. if something happens the 'parent' particle the changes happen to the 'connected' particle instantly! so basically everything is related to each other.It kinda gives me hope. another thing that I buzz off is that atoms in our bodies once belonged in stars and galaxies!
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• India
9 Dec 08
Hi dream healer, You have hit upon a very interesting topic ,it is something which has to be realised rather than ideated upon...eastern philosophy has two branches generally the concept of duality and non-duality. The concept of non-duality is called "Advaita" which is the first line that you mentioned that everything is one...this philosophy doesnt believe that there is a creator and creation rather both are one and the same...i am firm believer of advaita. Now whatever we see around is called "Maya" or the illusion.Our mind is the real culprit which prevents us to see the real it acts as a curtain between us and the truth...
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