poker sites on the internet

United States
September 8, 2008 7:42pm CST
do you play online poker? if so what site do you think is the best one. i play on 2 and belive poker city is the better of the 2/ i have yet to play for real money yet. do you?
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• Malaysia
9 Sep 08
No, I don't play poker online because most of the sites that are online requires the player to pay in order to play and I don't trust that it is possible to actually win from online poker because we won't be ab;e to tell whether it is legitimate or not. Even if you do win, I doubt that you would win a lot out of it.
• Canada
9 Sep 08
I just started a discussion about poker as well :) My husband and I both play online well poker as well as our son . The site we enjoy playing the most is Hollywood poker . My husband was playing a freeroll last week and won almost 200 hundred dollars . We have been playing for years and this is our first win where we could cash out . We don't put money into the sites as we did one time and we lost it to fast so figured we would continue to play but play the freerolls and build up from there and it finally paid off lol . I enjoy Hollywood for the simple fact that there are freerolls all the time and although you might not win much you generally win something all the time . You recieve tickets to higher paying games if you win and this is how we were able to build up . We kept playing and winning tickets on the freerolls and won enough to enter some of the paid games to win a higher amount . I can't wait to see the check as we left a little there to play with but cashed the rest out otherwise we know it would go to fast and the point of playing for us is to actually get the money :)