Gossip Girl-09.08.05 (episode)

United States
September 8, 2008 8:13pm CST
So I just got done watching Gossip Girl....as usual chuck was evil!!! LET'S SEE.... Serena and Dan obviously still have feelings for each other so why are they still taking space??? Well it's more emotional space because they're def. still making out. Blair is obsessed with her lord and even more obsessed with meeting her parents. Nate is obsessed with the lord's step-mother (who by the way is a cougar!!) So what happens when you have a party with all these people??? DRAMA!!! For a minute I felt like something was going to happen between Vanessa and rufus. Poor Vanessa..why does she keep falling for guys who aren't falling for her. And what's with Chucks wardrobe?? Sometimes I don't know whether to call that good fashion sense or call the fashion police. I love this show. Since Nate is taking the Duchess' money does this mean that he's a pros titute?? And what about Chuck liquidate his assets to help Nate out?? Is it an act of kindness or is he plotting something?If you watch the show let me know what you thought. Thanks in advance!
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