Anyone Watching Digital TV Yet?

@capirani (1840)
United States
September 8, 2008 9:09pm CST
I just started watching, or trying to watch, the digital television stations in my area. So now I have some questions because it sure isn't working out very well. I have a new tv that has both digital and analog options which means I can switch back and forth. I just moved and have not signed up for either cable or satellite here yet and have found where I live has an old style antenna. So I did some online searching to find out info about the local digital channels that are up and running at this point. What I found out is a bit upsetting. What no one seems to be telling us is that along with getting the tv converter boxes if your tv isn't digital ready, you will probably have to buy a new television antenna. Why are they not telling people that as well? Why are they not telling people on tv announcements that they are going to have to check what kind of antenna they have, what color zones it will pick up, etc? It is so confusing to me. You can go to and check out what is available in your area and what kind of antenna will work best for you in your very specific area. But for me that information is useless pretty much since I have no control over what kind of antenna is here at this home. It doesn't belong to me. Well, here is the problem. When I do the channel scan to automatically set up the channels available, only part of the local channels even get put on the tv. Then most of them only work part of the time. One group I can count on to pretty much be on the air all the time. But the others lose their signal all the time, or don't come in only maybe once or twice a week. I think it probably has to do with the current antenna. So, why don't they tell us that we are going to have to buy a new antenna to make this thing work????
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@RevSkull (271)
• Tokelau
9 Sep 08
You obviously haven't paying close enough attention. The usually post a web address or phone number for more information. Only about 10% of those with TV's in the US don't have either cable or satellite connection. You have more than enough to to chose to go with one of them or to see about getting a DSL (broadband) connection for you computer where you can watch TV.
@capirani (1840)
• United States
9 Sep 08
Do you live in my area? If not, don't assume I haven't been paying attention. All they say we need if we want to continue using our antennas and don't have a digital ready television is one of those digital converter boxes. Nothing has been said in this area about having to buy a new antenna along with it. They are leading people to believe that the converter box will do the trick and if your tv is already digital ready, it will be all you need. Well now I find out that you also need a proper antenna for your area. If I want cable or satellite tv I will get it. Right now I don't. So I am using digital. But apparently you have missed the point of this discussion because I asked if anyone else is already using their digital channels and if so, are they aware that they need a specific antenna for their area or are they having issues with the digital channels that are up and running so far. There are plenty of people in this country who do not wish to pay for tv programming, or who cannot get cable or satellite or other in their area, or it is out of their price range. It is nice that the government is offering the coupons for reduced prices on the converter boxes. But where is the information for these people about needing the new antennas? I am afraid there are going to be a lot of people out there who are buying the converter boxes and still won't be able to see good digital television because their antennas are not adequate.