are there other people coexist with the time of adam and eve?

September 9, 2008 12:13am CST
just want to know what your belief and view about this. because when cain killed his brother he was given a mark so other people will not kill him.
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• India
19 Sep 08
humanity did not begin with adam and eve. mankind was there before the said adam and eve. story of adam and eve is a recent one. mark or no mark, that event is irrelevant as far as humanity is concerned. religious books are written by people having no understanding of anything. they had a vested interest. they are just protecting that. belief in adam and eve is limited to semetic races, where as others have a different story. even archeology has a still older story to tell. so is anthropology. lets be more intelligent in our assessment than our ancestors who created certain myths out of ignorance.
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
thanks for your response with regard to this issue...and i myself still in question about this far as the early existence of man prior to adamic period..
• Malaysia
9 Sep 08
hi arnold, i) If human originated from monkey ~ yes there will be lots of human kind everywhere (maybe from tree to tree) ii) If only "adam and eve" was created by god ~ then we are brothers and sisters cheers
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
thanks for the comments with regards to my query which i posted a day know evolution issue is still making its way through to a lot of people beyond its controversy, who wish anyway that we have come from apes or monkey? i will rather digest what the bible is saying from where we came from, anyway the bible are not all that list of scientific facts but rather faith of God, and somehow at the end of the day things that are secret will finally come to light..happy posting friend