Difficult situation

@esphyka (158)
September 9, 2008 12:35am CST
have you ever been into a difficult situation involving your special someone? how do you handle it?
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• India
9 Sep 08
simply by ignoring it or yeilding to it.
9 Sep 08
a lot of times... as much as posible i dont wanna sleep over it. I want to settle our arguements before the day ends. Sometimes you have to lower your pride for you to settle things dont say any words if you are at your peak or you might just say something that you really dont wanna say eventually in the end you'll just regret it. Its very natural in a relationship to have fights but in every fight it is important that you learn from it. Never make promises to him but to yourself dont promise him you wont hurt him... promise to yourself that you wont hurt him..