I am getting POOR of earning more ......

@rkrish (3003)
September 9, 2008 2:05am CST
I started my career with few pennies but slowly my paycheck was started growing. Parallely i find my expenses also started growing. So i thought of getting better hike and join a new company because of that where i can increase my income over expenses...but still the expenses have grown up up up.... I got so many increments/hikes and am earning more but still i am struggling to balance with income and expenese.... How do you find your balances
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@elitess (5071)
• Ipswich, England
9 Sep 08
Well the human being is drawn to perfection so that would explain why when you had more money you decided to improve your life, so there is nothing special there. The only solution would be to start saving some money, and reducing some unwanted expenditures. You could plan a vacation or something and start saving for it.
@subha12 (18449)
• India
9 Sep 08
its same with most of the people. i would not say i am earning more. but in almost 4 years of my career, i have changed one job. I am also unlucky to get very less salary even here.
• China
9 Sep 08
As the saying goes:Everything is hard in the beginning.Life is filled with hope.As long as confidence in your mind.You must can overcome the difficulties.Try as many methods as possible to find chances of earning.
• India
9 Sep 08
You are not a poor of earning but poor of spending. If you can control your spending you need not change the company to earn more. I think you should go after like other people exploring earning money on internet.