On the Indian Epics (Two)

@mookhor (304)
September 9, 2008 8:24am CST
Ramchandra,the principal character of the Ramayana, is the incarnation of all noble and sacred values. Valmiki has described him as the man of honor (MARYADAPURUSHOM). He stands for peace and justice and love and non-violence and for all the good virtues have been bestowed on him. He is also fortunate enough to have Sita as as wife and Bharata and Lakshmana as brothers and Hanumana as devotee and Bibhishana as friend. We find in him the most valiant person in the epic. He is rally a great warrior despite possessing the most pious heart almost like that of an innocent child. Valmiki has narrated his aptitude in the battle lines after lines. And there is no doubt he is second to none in the art of warfare in the Ramayana. Still I have been disturbed by one question, a very simple and mind-boggling question it is. He had to kill Bali from the hide and Bali had no animosity against him. He had to kill Shambuka too and that too for a trifle plea. When Taranisen, son of Bibhishana and the soft and simple and virtuous and innocent and adolescent boy, appeared to fight against him he did not find any different solution of the problem. These all have been tormenting mind because of Sita. Yes, it was Sita who followed him to the forests with her own decision. When they were living in makeshift cottage beside a rivulet in the forest named Panchabotee with deer as pet and the environment quiet and serene,one day asked him once: Oh dear master! You are great and you do stand for love and non-violence. Is it not true? Ramachandra answered: Yes, my sweetheart! Sita took time and despite great hesitation asked: Then what is your business with the bow and arrow? Ramachandra had no answer.
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