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United States
September 9, 2008 9:42am CST
My favourite toy was spiderman,because i use to see lot of episodes on TV.I like spiderman as he jumps from one building to other with a great ease.when i saw that TV show i use to think that when can i jump like that.....Do you also have that type of feelings and what was your favourite toy when you were a child?Describe this toy and explain why it was important to you.Include examples if you can?
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• India
9 Sep 08
When I was child 55 years ago there use to be the home made toy"s which I think you will not understand. Toys like artificial pistol, airplane, cars, buses etc. We use to play with these things. I also have been watching spider man on the TV and some time it is thrilling also.
10 Sep 08
Yes I understand, I use to play with toy cars too. I use to make car parks out of pencils and drive my cars into the spaces....I really enjoy that for some strange reason. Well im only 23 so yeah there is probably a big difference in toys. So because you are use to the toys of your generation, do you think toys have improved?
9 Sep 08
Mine were my Hasbro wrestling figures and ring. I use to love collecting them and bashing them together. I also loved my ghostbuster figures and I also had the building where you could put slime on the roof and it would leak through all the floors. I use to also love teenage mutant ninja turtles, I had the blimp but then it got a puncher and never played with it again lol