do people have an attitude more now?

@jhl930 (3603)
United States
September 9, 2008 3:07pm CST
i was thinking about something today and i was just wondering about all of your opinions it just seems like most people are snippy today or it seems like people today just get smart attitude with you over nothing, and its really rude at times...and even at the stores and things like that when you go shopping they even get rude with you and i don't know what the problem is but a lot of people have noticed this too...have you ever experienced the same thing or is it just where i live at...thanks for taking the time out of your day to read and review my discussion and hopefully answer it as well, i hope that you all have had a great day so far and that you continue to have a great day...thanks again for taking the time!
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@3cardmonte (5098)
9 Sep 08
well spotted, people can really give t the big 'un,especially when they are not face to face with someone. I would not say something to someone online that i wouldn't say to that persons face
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
9 Sep 08
There are a lot of rude people in the world. And, from listening to my teenage daughter and other teenagers I have seen and heard I am afraid it isn't going to improve any time soon
@bansaw (16)
• United States
9 Sep 08
As in the online world? I think it always been like that, everybody knows everything behind an anonymous connection. Anyone can pretty much say anything and there is nothing you or me can do about it. If you mean people in general, in public or whatever, most people I encounter in public areas are not as cocky and willing to talk.