Why did I get a personalised ad for a Cowgirl Outfit??!

@liquorice (3901)
September 9, 2008 5:08pm CST
Usually the personalised ads at the top of the myLot pages are quite well tailored to my interests. They tend to mostly involve tea, chocolate (like the "30 chocolate animal cake decorations" one that's up there now), or liquorice! (Yes, for some reason, I get a lot of food adverts, lol!!) But I can't for the life of me imagine what particular interest of mine triggered the ad for the Cowgirl Outfit! None of my interests are anything to do with the Wild West, dressing up or riding a horse! . And it wasn't a children's dressing-up thing; there was a picture of an adult woman, dressed as a cowgirl... Well, it led me to wonder; has anyone else noticed any strange ads appearing up top, which don't seem to relate to any of your interests? And if you can remember it, what's the strangest ad you've ever seen there?
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