Return to work or work out of the home?

United States
September 9, 2008 11:24pm CST
I am a new mom and since my daughter has arrived, there has been no desire within me to return to work. At the same time, I have met women that can't wait to return to work because they are able to get a break during the day. I was just wondering how other people felt about it.
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@jfeets726 (775)
• United States
12 Sep 08
I work from home. My daughter just started full day prek this week, but before that she was home with me durning the day. Working from home is nice, but it can be a struggle, espeically when your child reaches the toddler stage. I started out working from home just as a hobby doing freelance web content writing. We started liking having the extra money to save and spend, so it because a part-time job. I started out working during the day, but I couldn't bear the thought of saying that I was busy when my daughter asked me to play. So, I started working nights. At first that was difficult, as my parnter and I weren't spending as much time together. We ended up going through trail and error and found what worked best for us (such as trying to alternate working at night and then going to bed together). If you are a single mom or need the financial resources, consider returning to work, but only for a little bit. Spend an hour or so at night after your new baby goes to sleep finding work or a job online. It can be difficult getting started and developing steady income, but it is more than possible.
@Sillychick (3279)
• United States
10 Sep 08
Personally, I have no desire to go to work and leave my son with someone else to raise him. These first few years are so important and go by so quickly. I want to stay home until he goes to preschool. Then I will have the rest of his life to work. This way, I won't miss out on those precious moments of his childhood. However, I understand that some people prefer to go back to work, not because they don't want to be with their children but because doing it full time is very demanding, and at times difficult. There are days when I'd like to take a break but I can't. It can be frustrating.
• United States
10 Sep 08
I just had a new baby boy 8 weeks ago and I did not have the desire to return back to work until about a week ago. Just seems kind of lonely spending all my time in the house without any adult contact. I think that I will still wait another month though before I return to work. It is also hard finding a daycare that will accept an infant. And I get worried that if I send my baby to a sitter that he will spend all of his time in a swing or a carrier. I also do not like the fact that he is not old enough to tell me if someone is hurting him. plus I want to see all the new things that he will do for myself, I do not want a babysitter telling me.
@cncoke (439)
• China
10 Sep 08
I think you can choose both return to work and work out of home.When I had my daughter,I felt rather busy,so I decided to stop working and stay home taking good care of her.But my mother didn't agree that,she said she could look after my baby very well,it's easy to bring up a child,when the child grew up,where was the work?I learned that lesson,and now my daugter had grown up,and my work is still on.
@rakittera (802)
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
I think it is inevitable that you feel that way. I felt the same way when I gave birth to my daughter. I mean, I felt I could just watch her the whole day. And I couldn't bear the thought of being away from her for hours. However, I have other things to think about. I need to work to be able to help my family with its earnings. Much as I would like to be beside my daughter 24/7, I also need to think about our financial needs. But it's really up to you. If you feel that you are 100% sure that you'd rather take care of your baby than go back to work, then maybe that's what you should be doing.