Quarrels - A learning experience

@likaes (496)
September 10, 2008 3:47am CST
Do you quarrel with your friends or family? Sometimes I do, and I feel terrible afterwards, but I just somehow don't want to feel as if I'm in the wrong and keep fighting for my case. Sometimes I go overboard, but most of the time I know when to stop and apologize. Quarrels are sometimes a learning experience for me, whether to know more about things or the person I'm quarrelling with. How are your quarreling experiences, and have you learnt anything from them?
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@BubblyIan (751)
10 Sep 08
I hate arguments within relationships. I think they undermine your love and affection for the other person, aprticularly if they are personal attacks. I think it is far better to agree to disagree and to give in rather than stand your ground. Then the other person will know that if you do stand up for your view on a particular issue that you really mena it and maybe they will give in on that point. A far healthier relationship - well that is what I am still looking for! I believe in the 'thumper' (from bambi) philospohy on life - "if you cant say sumfing nice dont say nuffink at all"