Scammed online for a puppy that didnt exist!

United States
September 10, 2008 4:16am CST
I was just reading through some posts and it brought back a not so good memory of what happened to my mother last year. First, let me tell you my mom is very naive,and she never got scammed before and I guess thought it couldnt happen to her!She lost over $400.00 by being scammed online for the purchase of a dog! The site she went on was a legitimate site, and were not aware of the scam going on;.A woman claimed to be selling a puppy, from Nigeria and my mother fell for it. My mom did call the police and notified the site and the woman was booted but no money was ever recovered. What was really sad though was my mother was buying the puppy for her nephew for christmas!And, my mother felt bad because he kinda new he was getting one! Some people make me so mad with their deceitful ways! Anything for a dollar!
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@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
10 Sep 08
Always buy a dog from a reputable breeder. If you get with the Kennel Club I am sure that they can give you a lists of dog clubs in your area. These in return might be able to direct you to a suitable breeder.
• United States
10 Sep 08
Thank you for your response, she will definitely go with a local place where she can buy it right there!
@twoey68 (13650)
• United States
30 Oct 08
If I was giving someone a gift of a pet, I'd get it from the animal shelter that way I'm giving two gifts...the gift of a pet to the person and the gift of living and a good home to the pet. Every animal shelter I've ever dealed with the animals are given full shots, bathed, and fixed. I hope your mom learned that not all ppl online can be trusted. [b]~~IN SEARCH OF PEACE WITHIN~~ **AGAINST THE STORMS, I WILL STAND STRONG** [/b]