Do Preserved Fruits Contain The Same Amount of Vitamins With That of Fresh Ones?

United States
September 10, 2008 8:10am CST
i just passed by the supermarket today to do my grocery. i went to the fresh fruit section to buy some which unfortunately quite disappointed me because they seem to get easily rotten. no deliveries for fresher options at this time and i was advised that the next delivery will still be on Friday. OMG, i had no choice but to get some canned fruits to substitute instead since i am having colds that i really need to get enough vitamin C source. but, my question, do preserved fruits contain the same amount of vitamins with that of fresh ones? are these lesser or even enriched?
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@super_jj (1416)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
I dont really know, but i do know that preserved fruits have more sugar than the fresh ones. Try sucking on kalamansi, that should give you some vit c.
• Malaysia
12 Sep 08
i believe canned food contain less vitamins or even nil, than the fresher ones. Vitamin C is easily gone due to heating and during processing the food. Therefore what is left are perhaps just the food fiber. What i am sure is that, canned food contains lots of preservative, to last them for quite a long time (storage life) as well as lot of sugar fin the fruit syrup. Whatever it is, it is always better to consume natural product rather than Processed(canned) foods. Perhaps you should try other supermarket or grocery for the fresh fruits.