Do You Consider Your Self HONEST?

United States
September 10, 2008 8:35am CST
i started my tour of duty yesterday after a whole week seminar. to my surprise, there were a lot of medical supplies that were not listed in the inventory list which were replenished by the central supply during my absence. OMG, i had a headache on how to figure out the discrepancies. and so, i made a note "received items _,_ but are not listed in the inventory sheet". my friend from the central supply told me, "probably somebody just missed listing out the items". good enough that you are HONEST!, she added. actually, these items can be pulled out anytime since there is no documented receipt but it really is very wrong to take away some things we don't personally own. for that, i consider my self as one.
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• Pamplona, Spain
17 Sep 09
Hi wendhieRN, Once I gave the change back to the cashier in the Shop and he looked at me gone out I told him you have me given me too much change. He still looked at me strange. I wonder what did he expect me to do steal it? I have always done this when I realise that they have given me back too much change either in the Shops or on the Bus. Well he did take the money back but did not exactly thank me either so I thought don´t bother Sue let him get on with it. I just went my own way. Can you be too honest would be my question it seems that Robbers are Heroes and people like me well I don´t know what they would class me as lol. As long as I know I´m honest then that´s okay don´t you think.