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September 10, 2008 4:21pm CST
In different school years???I have read in my local paper that a woman had given birth to one twin naturally on August 31st at 11.40pm and the other twin by caesarean on September 1st at 12.25am. This means that when they go to school, the elder twin Lexus will be a year ahead of Amber. The mother does not want to split the twins up when they go to school. The parents of the twins are considering moving to Spain where other family members live as they have a different academic year. Can you imagine when they go out clubbing, they both wont be able to go out drinking legally until September. How would you celebrate their birthdays?? Would you celebrate both birthdays on the 31st of August?? I know they will probably have joint parties. This is very unusual as the midwife said it was the first time she had ever heard of this happening!!
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12 Sep 08
Oooh that would be horrible to be in different school years. I wouldn't be too bothered about being a day apart, there is les than an hour in their ages- surely the council would let them be in the same year. It is a exceptional situation.
13 Sep 08
Thats what the council said, they will have review the situation nearer the time but can you imagine all the comments they would get from kids about being twins and in separate years!! I would have hated to be in a separate year from my bro, but I was the eldest so it wouldnt have bothered me that much really but if I was the youngest it would annoy me!! I mean you would question yourself : why wasnt I born first, why couldnt I be the oldest and such!!
@cream97 (29146)
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10 Sep 08
I would just love them and appreciate them.. I believe this is a blessing from God..
11 Sep 08
Yes i would love them and appreciate them but would you send them to school separately or would you try and arrange it so that they start school in the same year??? As a twin myself, I enjoyed having my brother at school with me in the same class.
@jmhall (143)
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10 Sep 08
As the mother of twins I think that it is great that they will have seperate days for their birthdays. I like you could not see holding 2 seperate parties but I think that as they get older this will help make them more individual than as a pair especially if they are identical. Thankfully my twins don't look or even act alike. As for school I would talk to my school district and see what could be done based on the class sizes. Most likely if they wanted them in the same class and they have the room they will be in the same class. I would also as a parent consider holding them back the one year especially if they were on the edge of just being ready. I would opt for a prek repeat or something like that as they would then be better prepared for kindergarten. I would also not listen to alot of what others tell you is available as far as their school is consider as I have gotten all kinds for misinformation that way. Go straight to the source and get the info yourself and save alot of trouble.
11 Sep 08
Well the twins have only been born so thinking about school is away off. i am a twin myself and during primary school we were in the same classes but when we got to high school we were in separate classes due to the fact that we where in different learning areas. My brother was more brainy than me, I struggled with things and understanding them. We have both come out of it well and I think it has helped me and my confidence as I was always quiet and shy so think this has helped me over come this. It would be a shame if the twins have to start school in separate years. Yes I can see your point about going straight to the source as they sometimes adapt things to fit around the person and there problem. Thanks and happy mylotting x