8 tips that can make your WiFi more secure.

@jpap2003 (115)
September 10, 2008 6:26pm CST
Hello, I'll post some general guidelines for you, to make your wireless network more secure. 1st: add a password. don't use WEP encryption, as it can be cracked in a few minutes, so it's like no having encryption. Use WPA-PSK, or better WPA2. 2nd: lock your wifi with mac addresses. If you don't know what's your computer's MAC address, (windows users only, i don't know for other operating systems), go to "Start" - Run - type "cmd" (with out the quotes), and when the application opens, type in there ipconfig /all. Chances are that you will see 2-3 entries. Find the one with the name of your wi-fi adapter, and you will see something like this: 00-00-00-00-00-00 (instead of zeroes, you'll see various numbers/letters). Write this down. Go to your wireless router or access point, and search for MAC Address locking, or something like that, and enter the code you wrote down. Instead of using "-" use ":". 3rd: disable SSID broadcasting. This will make clients who have never used your wi-fi not to see it on their available networks list 4th: if you don't use the wireless function, just turn it off. This is the most secure way to keep unwanted people out of your network. 5th: check constantly the led for the WLAN activity. If you are not using it and it flashes like crazy, chances are that someone else is using it. If noone you know does it, then turn it off immediatelly. Someone unwanted may have gained access to your network. 6th: lower the power transmition, so you will have internet in your house, but not outside your house. 7th: when you or anyone else in your house won't use the wireless function for a few hours, turn it off. Apart from having your WiFi used by unwanted strangers, (although this is not yet proven) wifi signal may cause headaches and other health issues. 8th: Do as much you can from the previous 7 tips. You will achieve maximum security on your WiFi network! Comments and questions are welcome!
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@bubblyapple (2654)
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
securing your wifi connection is really important....especially that most of us use online banking and do other personal stuff on the internet....making sure that our connection is secure is the best way to protect ourselves from these hackers.... thank you for the tips....
@jpap2003 (115)
• Greece
11 Sep 08
Thanks for your response, and I'm glad you liked my tips. I myself have wifi on my home, but I am also trying to find ways to have access wherever I am. THat's why I started looking out for WiFi protection, and these tips are suggested by the most computer & network security people.
@mirage108 (3403)
• United States
11 Sep 08
Good tips here hopefully more will look at them