Great Jackie Chan, Jet li Movie The Forbidden Kingdom

Monkey King - This is a picture of the monkey king which is the main character of this movie. I think that they did a good job protraying this character in this movie. He is funny and nice but still the most powerful.
@hrjustin (126)
United States
September 10, 2008 11:31pm CST
I have been waiting for a long time for this movie to come out on DVD. I have to say it was a great movie and Jackie Chan and Jet Li did a great job together on this one. It was a lot different then I was expecting it to be but way better. I think that it was filmed great and really well choreographed. I hope that there is a sequel to this movie because Jackie Chan and Jet Li were great together. I recommend this movie to anyone that likes Jackie Chan and or Jet Li they both did a great job in this movie. Even if you haven't seen many movies with either of these actors its still a great movie and I recommend it completely.
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@mykmari_08 (2465)
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
Foremost, I'd say that I liked Jackie Chan then as an actor even before Jet Li became popular; particularly the roles he portrays, injecting his sense of humor in almost every part he makes. And when his co-star in this movie started to be seen in the limelight, I also liked his acting prowess and I think he does his moves well, including his knowledge and skills in kung fu. But what I consider the best movie Jet Li has ever made is the movie, 'The One'. In fact, my husband and I have watched this for more than three times already. Honestly, my spouse and I still haven't seen The Forbidden Kingdom in theaters but we both decided to wait for its local release in DVD format instead, probably a couple of months from now. Somehow, we regard buying original DVD copies of films as a form of investment. It was just unfortunate that several of our DVDs were stolen five months ago, from the apartment we are renting. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to watching this movie if and when we already have a copy of it or if it's already available locally in cable channels; whichever comes first. Regards.
• Netherlands
20 Nov 08
Yup, they were great in that movie =D I also love it that they played the monkey king, as I am a great fan of it =) I'm Chinese and used to watch every episode of him ^^, So cool with his wand and his magic killing everyone and dissapearing =X I want to watch the mummy with Jet Li in it, but haven't got the time for it. Looking forward to it tho =)