Who were you before all this?

September 11, 2008 5:23am CST
I am pretty sure we SAH moms have lived different kinds of lives before we got married and have kids. We may be happy with what we have become now, we may be living our dreams, but we have definitely transformed into another person: Housewife/Mother. I would like to share with you who i was: Age 23-31: Party girl. Dream chaser - i wrote a book but left it unpublished. Frustrated girlfriend. Office worker. Loved going to beauty saloons - had weekly visits and monthly spa. 27 inch waistline. Constantly there for my friends. Loved to pamper friends and family. Used to run along the beach, watch sunsets, play piano, sing, dance, hang out at cafes with friends, talked life and love. Talked books, films, ideas with best friend. Went to a church. Went to malls, markets, shopping. Swam a lot in the pool (wearing swimsuit, of course). Today (32-35) - loving life, 31 inch waistline, and never done for three years anything that i have listed above. STill, i am happy but i do sometimes miss who i was before. How about you? DO you feel the same too? Wouldn't it be nice to go down memory lane? Share on...
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9 Jan 09
I was a teacher...teacher other kids all day long. Loved the job of sharing the gift of reading to 1st graders. When given this opportunity to stay home I glady left my job. I do plan to go back to teaching (maybe just as a sub) once both kids get in school.
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13 Nov 08
Before I was a Mom, I was a Hooters Girl! I wore a size 5 jeans and had lots of friends. I loved to shop and enjoyed eating out all the time. NOW ... I'm big, broke and can't stand shopping! LOL .. But ... I'm a Christ Follower and my family attends church regularly. I'm broke and I love it because I'm a stay at home mom and that means more to me than anything. My son is 2 and knows how to count and knows his ABC's. My husband is happy and my marriage is awesome. I'm working on the weight thing, size 10, but it'll all come in due time!