Are you proud of your religion?

@a3sachin (531)
September 11, 2008 7:23am CST
A friend of mine told me that she dint want to go on with the religion she followed. I'm not going to mention which religion that is. She told me that she wanted to be free and and not feel tied down. Ultimately whats the difference? All religion lead to the same `place` right? The path may be different but I don't think its fair to compare. Everything has its pros and cons. Personally I don't believe in religion but I certainly respect faith. Whatever it might be. I know this is a strange question but I'm asking based on the incident mentioned above. Are you proud of your religion?
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@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
[b]for me, there were no issues regarding religion...It doesn't really matter what religion we are into, it all depends on our faith...on the existence of God, it is not based on the practice of our church, but it all depends within us, the way we view it, the way we believe that there is ONE GOD...i can even say that some may go to churches everyday, proclaim there beliefs on such religions, but deep inside, they were the people who sinned it's not about going to churches everyday, hearing words from the priest or pastor or whatever, but the way you carry your faith, the way we portray not just in the public but in the eyes of GOD... Have a nice day! God bless![/b]
@rainmark (4302)
11 Sep 08
Im a roman catholic and im proud of it despite of some bad issues i heard.I can say that some religion is really hard to follow, coz they set certain rules that their member need to follow or else they will kick them out from the religion.It doesn't matter what kind of religion we have,what matter is faith.So whatever bad things they tell about my religion, I don't bothered,there's nothing to do with the religion, what wrong is the people who run the religion.