Sleep While Walking OR Driving

September 11, 2008 8:20am CST
How dangerous it can be if you sleep while you are driving a two wheeler or a four wheeler vehicle. One man during my life time I have seen has a so sweet sleep that he can sleep at any time. One day we were playing cards a game of Rumy and after finishing his tern while discarding a card he has to be awakened on his next turn. This person was working in the field of my corporate office. At one time I had been in this Godown where he was posted for inspection. On return he offered me to get lift on his two wheeler scooter and I accepted. On the high way he got seep while driving when there was loud horn sound from a Truck from back He awakened with jerk drive away on the side. When inquired he told me that he got sleep. I get down from his scooter and never experienced further in life. Have you ever seen such person who sleep while driving. Please share your experience.
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• United States
12 Sep 08
If I am tired or it is night time I have a hard time staying awake. I once fell asleep while driving home three hours at about two in the morning. I hit a semi-truck and totaled the car. I am very careful now and only drive when I am fully awake or know I will stay awake. I have only really driven at night one time since then. It was an eight hour drive, but I wasn't alone. My mom was with me and my eight month old son. Mom talked with me for the first six hours. The last two she fell asleep. I kept telling myself I couldn't let myself sleep with the baby in the car. I was starting to have issues the last half hour and it started to rain giving me something to concentrate on. I think it is horrible if people with this problem don't take great care when they drive or do other things.