do you ever get sick of listening?

September 11, 2008 9:45am CST
of people you are trying to explain something that is right yet they never listen to you!
6 responses
@fleriszy (64)
• Norway
18 Sep 08
yes, listening to someone sometimes makes me sick especially when he/she is keep on telling the same thing repeatedly. Or sometimes if if all the he/she tell are lies or not that appealing to me.
• Singapore
16 Sep 08
I don't get sick of it, but sometimes when I give them some advice, and they dont carry it out it gets on my nerves. Then they come back and complain about the same old thing without even trying.
@chaijudin (506)
• Indonesia
14 Sep 08
yes . everyday
• Sri Lanka
12 Sep 08
Of course there are times. Specially, I have become sick of listening to people who have lost their mindfulness after drinkingg.
@Mirsya (520)
• Indonesia
12 Sep 08
Yes, I experience that sometimes. Some of my friends keep talking while I can't even cut them to give comment. I don't like that.
@chai37 (142)
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
sometimes...but you still have to remember that it is still their choice whether they should listen to you or not. you have no control over that. all you have to do is say what you have to say and then step back and wait. you can't expect anyone to listen to you all the time. share your thoughts and don't expect that's the you won't get frustrated. :)