How to Learn and improve english.....

September 11, 2008 12:28pm CST
Im not a native speaker....and these days im working hard to improve my english... Any tips to improve it fast....and also if anybody specially who is very good in this lang. will teach me by chating then i'll greatfull............ I really want to improve it specially for my carrier...
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• Philippines
12 Sep 08
Though I admit that I am no master of the English language, I know this tips will help you well in learning this language. The free version is: First of all is to get a dictionary that has translations to your native language and familiarize yourself with the words in it. Next you should read lots of books, magazines and articles. The third step is to interact with people who knows the language, either speak to them or write here at myLot more and I guarantee you'll learn English in no time. And the version where in you have pay is: Enroll in a language class. Over all what you need is a great desire to learn because if you don't have that then you won't progress much at all. Never be lazy when it comes to something you want, in the end it will bear fruit.
• India
12 Sep 08
Really thnax for ur gud advice...
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
Well I'm glad I could somewhat help.