Do you have days like this?

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September 11, 2008 12:30pm CST
I get i guess they are called stress headaches. I also get migraine headaches. The stress headaches are i guess because i get over whelmed with stuff and just feel like giving up. For example. My 2 year old is on a phase where he is like this "come here come here come here come here" no breath in between.. and when you come where he wants you to come he shows you something. no big deal but he does it allllll day long! Then while he is doing that the 5 month old is screaming because she gets bored with the swing, gets bored with rolling around on the floor, gets bored with the walker. So i stop and pick her up and then go back to helping the 2 year old. Then when the 8 year old gets home from school i ask him to help me and its like arguing with a teenager. he never ever ever! gives his father a problem when his father tells him to do something but when i ask him to do something i either get an excuse or i get an attitude or i get whining after i had already dealt with whining from the 2 year old and screaming from the 5 month old. My house.. i clean and clean and clean and it always looks like nothing is ever done becasue as im cleaning up the kids go behind me and mess it back up. the 2 year old mainly but thats his age. I feel overwhelmed with it all. I want just one day where i can go from one end of my house to the other with no inturruptions, get it the way i want it and dare anyone to mess it up but i dont think i could get that lucky lol. I guess when you have 3 small kids its hard to keep your house in fantastic shape. Plus the dad works alot so he isnt home to help enforce the kids helping me out around here. I spank the 8 year old on his butt and nothing! no tears no whining nothing! I dont wanna pick up something and beat him with it because that would be child abuse so i tell his dad but im kind of out of ideas on what to do. i put him on punishment but that doesnt change anything. he is punished a few days or a week or whatever.. he has stuff taken away but when he is off punishment.. same thing. Animals.. we have a cat and a dog. The dog is older and all she pretty much does is lay around.. no big deal.. she has ear mites which make her stink but we have been cleaning her ears and treating it.. i think the next step will be to get her to the vet once we can afford to do it. for now we are treating it at home the best we can. The cat.. I really didnt want a cat but the fiance wanted to get it for my oldest son. i told him when he talked to me about getting it that i garonteed him id be the one who ended up taking care of this cat cleaning up after it and all that stuff. my son halfway cleans the cat litter, halfway sweeps the litter that gets on the floor, doesnt wash the bathroom floor so i have to end up doing it. I hate the smell of cat litter! i hate it! I think i need one of those cat litter boxes that keeps the cat litter in there.. the enclosed ones or something because i cant stand the litter on my bathroom floor anymore. i put the pad thing under it to help keep the litter off the floor. HAHA! that doesnt do a darn thing.. it still ends up on the floor. I dunno what to do about that.. i try to keep it clean and nice in there but it never works out that way. Anyone have any ideas what to do on any of these situations?Thanks to everyone in advace who responds.
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@spalladino (17921)
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12 Sep 08
Wow, Jen, no one had any ideas for you? I think that Daddy needs to take the boys fishing or something on Saturday or Sunday and that you should take the Little Angel over to your mother's house for a visit so you can have some alone time to work on your house with some peace and quiet! Oh, wait a minute...I'm your mother..... Seriously, I'll take the sweetie if Daddy takes the boys off your hands for awhile. Or, just say the heck with the house and all of you go do something fun...and then make them all help with the housework when you guys get back. As far as Mr. Smartypants goes, I think Daddy needs to have a serious, man to man type talk with him about being the oldest and what's going to happen to him if he keeps smarting off to you and ignoring what you say. And, of course, threatening to tell Nan works a little bit, too.
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14 Sep 08
Thanks! Yea no one had any advice for me.. thats odd! i guess the topic heading should have been a little different.. Maybe ill do anothe rone called HELP lmao! think that might work? haha!