I think I caught my mom's depression...

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September 11, 2008 5:52pm CST
My mom has been seriously depressed because of a really bad work situation. it's not the normal stuff i'm talking about. we all go through day day work experiences. my mom is working for the devil himself. my mom and i are very close so when we're going through things its like we feel each others pain. my mom has gone ito severe depression and even though she sees a therapist its evident the only way my mom can get better is to get a new job. she's been trying for almost three years but just can't seem to ge one. she lives paycheck to paycheck and can't afford to just quit. this is really hard on her. her boss made her take the day off tomorrow because there isn't enough work to do and my mom won't be getting paid for it. she can't complain to HR because they will just take her supevisors side. when i came home today my mom told me that she was thinking about going to buy a gun tomorrow so she could shoot her boss. she knows thats not right but because the situation at work has gotten so bad she just can't think straight. i can't do anything to help my mom. i've become depressed and even though i try to hide it it's just really hard. i wish my mom wouldn't tell me this but she has no one else to go to. i don't even feel like eating. i'm sick to my stomach because i'm scared she'll hurt herself even more so i'm scared i'll hurt myself. i just don't know what to do. i really just want to go to sleep and never wake up. i hate this. why are people mean for no reason?? why can't they just play their control games elsewhere.
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@sudalunts (5526)
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12 Sep 08
Medney, I feel you and your mother's pain. I wish that I could say that everything will be okay, but that is just a cliche. I wished I knew why people were so mean. I experienced the same things your mother is going through. I hated to go to work, and barely slept at night wondering what was going to happen the next day at work. I was so stressed. My boss did not like me, for whatever reasons and made my life at work a living hell. I was blamed for everyone's mistakes, and never received an apology when I was proven right, I, too could not just quit, because I could not afford to without having another job. Well, my prayers for not working there were answered when the boss from hell laid me off, just like that without warning or anything. I too, was living from pay check to pay check. Now I have no job, it has been almost three months. Unemployment is not enough to suffice. Now I am going through another kind of stress, how am I going to make it. I hope your mother does not do anything drastic. Maybe she should just try to bare it, and hopefully she can find something else. I know jobs are hard to find these days. Maybe to make herself feel better tomorrow, she should try to send out resumes to every place that is a match in whatever type of work she does. I know you said she has been looking for three years, maybe tomorrow could be her lucky day. I wish you and your mother the best. Hang in there, and keep the faith. God bless you both.