i'am the big sister do i really have to shoulder what my little sisters needs?

September 11, 2008 11:46pm CST
I always, freak out everytime my sisters ask something from me. because they always do it often and I do think that they are really capable to find ways and means to to sustain there needs. because when i was on there age I already have a job. but then they still keep on asking from me. I already have my own life now. you what they just txt me or give a call to inform me that they will come to my work place and asual they will ask money from me. I really don't know what to do with tem but honestly i'am so tired.
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• Canada
12 Sep 08
Just because you are the oldest does not mean that you have to shoulder everything . They have to learn to grow up sometime and you can't be there to do everything for them all the time as this will cause them to be lazy and like you said you have your own life to live . Have you tried talking to them and telling them to try and figure things out on their own that you are there for them but you would like them to try first and then if they really can't do it then you will help ? I grew up believing that because I was the oldest that I had to do everything for my sister and when she would do something wrong I would take the blame so she would not get in trouble . Today we don't have anything to do with each other becasue she is really not a nice person to be around and I often wonder if this was partly my fault for doing everything for her . Not that I am willing to take all the blame as she is an adult and very much capable of accepthing her own mistakes , she just doesn't .
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
It's really hard to be the oldest. But i just cant take it also if there would something wrong happend to her. I want her to learn I want her to practice to be alone. not depending on someone to survive. but I don't think they understand me. worst is all they like was to go out with friends and with there boyfriends.. that's also the thing why I freak out. did you ever regret being the oldest?