@4aps777 (1528)
United States
September 12, 2008 3:09am CST
my earnings droped by a pennie,but as before if i contact mylot about earnings not being posted,they never respond back but they tell you to contact them but they never responded back and it was not resolved,i am thinking this is strange.what should i do ?
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@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
27 Sep 08
don't expect anything about it and stop counting the days that were gone after you sent that message. i was there and been there!! i sent the same message twice before although the second one was accidental, thought i already send the first. lucky for you that you only had a penny lost but for me it's almost 0.2 cents and more to that there was a day that i don't have any earnings at all. i know that i've been working out those span of days that i am counting on coz it would be my first payment here. but nothing happens, i've been deducted already many times due to discussion and response being deleted. so it's no longer uncommon to me.
@swirlz (3136)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
Well, it usually happens to me when I'm absent from mylot for a week or so, and the day I'm back again I don't see my daily earnings right away. Sometimes it even takes a day or two. But I think they still update it. They just add everything on the second or third day, because I do notice that I have more than usual. Nothing to worry about.