Do your parents know the real you?

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@bugbaby (1787)
September 12, 2008 4:59am CST
My parents are different between my father and my mom, My father knows enough about me then my mom, that's because we naturally show different sides of ourselves depending on who we're with.
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• China
12 Sep 08
i think my mother don't know me at all. i never have a chance to talk with her, she is always busy, and have no time. i think if she was free i will n't tell her too. actually i don't want to let her know me too much, i will keep so many things as a secret.
@bugbaby (1787)
• Indonesia
13 Sep 08
yes, me too my mother don't know me much at all, she just know me bad inside of me.
@esphyka (158)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
yeah i believe my mother knows me well... she knows when im happy and also she knows when i have problems and also she knows when im lying lol
• India
12 Sep 08
I do not understand why one part of the parents know about you more other do not know. Are you not living in the same house. Do not your both care for you or see what you are doing and what not. Are you inclined to your father and not inclined to your mother. Please comment and have a nice day.
@Ravenladyj (22920)
• United States
12 Sep 08
no not in the slightest and thats how they want it (well I should say "she" since her now ex husband is not around thank the gods)...She is happy living in her bubble of delusion and has convinced herself long ago that i'm some horrid, worthless, s.lut who doesnt deserve to live as long as I'm NOT living the same life of denial and b.s that she is.....Her loss not mine