was Noel right?

September 12, 2008 5:10am CST
For those that do not know glastobury, Its a summer huge event that takes place in the UK whereby lots of artists play out there songs and souls. And every year you have a special headliner who steals the show as one would say. This year it was Jzay and there was a huge deal made by noel from oasis. His deal was you cannot have a hiphop artist headline as its not right as this event for years has had a certain style of rock, indie bands etc headline. Now I actually kind of agreed with him but not to the extent he went on. I think he made a big deal and it actually affected the sales etc. Do you agree with him or not?
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@marina321 (4556)
12 Sep 08
Did you mean Jay-Z??! I think it would be great to have something different from the usual style of rock, pop and indie to headline such an event and knowing how talented Jay-Z is, I would not really care what Noel Gallagher has to say in this instance...and never have really cared about what those Oasis dudes do!
12 Sep 08
Thanks partner lol.