do you always try?

September 12, 2008 5:17am CST
when you try to explain them something that they should do the right thing then they dont do you still or sometimes you want to stop already?
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• China
12 Sep 08
i will not explain again when somebody don't take any advice with me. they don't trust me at all so i think i don't need to explain at them, at last they will find the truth.
12 Sep 08
Are you sure that they don't trust you ? Have you checked your way to remind them ? Sometimes people don't care with what we say because our way to express it...
• Singapore
16 Sep 08
I still would explain and try to get it across. When when it all fails I won't repeat anymore. At least I won't feel guilty because I have tried.
12 Sep 08
It depends on who is she/he... It's so nice to remind someone that he/she has to do the right thing... I think there's no disadvantage for us if we keep telling them the right way to do... Instead, we participate reminding them the good way to life... But also remember, something is right for us doesn't always mean it's right for them...
• Sri Lanka
12 Sep 08
Yes, I always try. I think I try too much but I am tempted to do so. One thing is making my friends to be punctual. I am a punctual person and expect others also to be punctual like me. But it doesn't happen most of the time so that I ger annoyed. However, there should be a limit of forcing others to do some thing. If you continue to do like that they will get bored about you and they will not listen to you on anything.
@pau_79 (792)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
if you tried your best but he didnt want to listen -then maybe you just have to espect him as a person, sometimes we dont want to listen and just have to learn from our own mistake/s