I had a very strange dream yesterday

September 12, 2008 7:53am CST
I had a dream that made me wake up early today, I dreamt that I was in a very large balcony in a high building and there was like 10 kids, maybe six to ten years old, whose were playing around, for some reason there was a flooding in the balcony, it got like 3 inches of water, the kids didn't mind and they continue playing, then I don't know. From Where but we got a lot of little kitties and little doggies also, the kids didn't mind about them and my sister picked up one a little and cute one and take it to a room where she was living, it was like a small apartment in that floor just besides to the balcony, then the doggie that she have picked up ran away through a window back into the balcony, so since I was inside that tiny apartment, I ran back to the balcony to picked up the doggy again , but I found out that the kids were throwing the kitties and doggies from the balcony to the street, I didn't was able to find the little doggie that my sister have picked up so when the kids finished throwing them all, I guessed they have throwing the one of my sister, I was a sad because I was not able to recover the doggie for my sister. I didn't wake up scary or anything but I think it was a very weird dream.
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