What cant you do?

@my2boys (821)
United States
September 12, 2008 8:38am CST
I have been driving for about eight years but I can not park a car for anything. I always take up two spaces. Even if I somehow manage to make it into one space the car is crooked and I have to squeeze to get out and prevent hitting the car beside me with my door. If I try to fix the problem and back up and pull in again I alwya end up in the same spot. lol. What about you? Is there something that you can just not do or are really bad at that you do everyday?
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@redchase (347)
12 Sep 08
ha theres a ton of things i cant do. i cant drive properly, im always accidentally running red lights and almost crashing and i've been driving for 2 years. i cant rollerblade, i cant ride a bike, i cant really cook, i cant concentrate in history, i cant force myself to go to class, i cant pass history i've taken it like 4 times and i still cant pass it, theres tons of stuff i cant do, but those are just the basics.
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