Is it possible that a mother doesnt love her child?

September 12, 2008 9:12am CST
hi mylotters. I believe that no mother cant afford not to love her child. But I have seen mothers that abandon their children, some hurt them and some simple dont show much affections. But in your opinion, is it possible that the reason why they do these is they dont have love for their child/ren?
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18 Sep 08
i do think its possible.. i have seen too many mothers that dont.. i think it stems from them being so concerned about themselves to where they dont want to take the time to care about their kids
@scorpio19 (1363)
12 Sep 08
I think we are all individuals and motherhood isn't a blissful experience for all mothers, post natal depression can play a part in mothers not bonding with their baby and their are some woman who just aren't cut out to be mothers.