how often do you get in touch with your friends?

September 12, 2008 9:53am CST
i always try do get with them whenever i have time,even they don't to me! hehehe...
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• Malaysia
29 Oct 08
I seldom get in touch with most of my friends because we have gone our separate ways. However I still keep their telephone numbers and home address of their parents. I do find some of my close friends during celebration times but not all of them. Now I have only three close friends which I contact from time to time. One of them is already married last year while the other one is still single. The single friend has been frustrated by many men, and she felt it is better to be single for a while now. She is tired and wanted to concentrate on her job first. When we have time, we would gather up and spend a night at one or another's home.
13 Sep 08
i always meet most of my friends in school so it's quite easy for us to keep in touch. but once classes ends, we still communicate through chatting or texting. sometimes we go to the malls and hang out.
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
12 Sep 08
I always try to get in touch with my friends. With those who are away from me I communicate by cell phone or Internet.
@chinniR (661)
• India
12 Sep 08
hi there, i always stay in touch with my friends. either i call them or even if i don't they call me. i talk with my friends once in a week has most of them are working. i can never even imagine of loosing contact with them. they are there always whenever i need them. happy mylotting!
@rdvg3283 (78)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
I will socialize with them whenever i can... Happy Mylotting everyone! ^_~ We triumph without glory, when we conquer without danger...
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
i always make sure not to let a day pass by without talking to them. i love keeping in touch with friends and i enjoy chatting with them so i guess it's impossible for us not to keep in touch with each other.;-)
@nanayangel (7881)
• Philippines
12 Sep 08
Hi there Junngee! I always try to keep in touch to my friends that I have means to keep in touch with like e-mails, Friendster or text messages. I do that for at least once a week. Sometimes, I am able to do it more often though, thanks to the unlimited text pre-paid loads.