In the United states...

United States
September 12, 2008 8:49pm CST
We have some many problems here and no one to really do anything about it. The biggest thing i ever have a problem with is those that do come to our country and dont have to pay taxes and get things handed to them on a silver pladder while everyone else is trying to make ends meet and even try to get help from the state and cant get it because of one reason or another. I went to my local DSS one day and they told that woman as soon as she came back from where she was from they would have a house and lights and water and food stamps and i was like what this woman dont even pay taxes and isnt even a legal party for this country and she has it handed to her like a silver pladder. Its unfair for others to work like a dog and never be able to get help like that if they needed it because u'd get turned down so fast it wasnt even funny. This Black lady was in there once and she was driving a brand new BMW and i mean brand new and she came in there and had everything handed to her like it was nothing i was like dang i wish i was one of them heck have all my stuff paid for me and be able to ride around in a brand new car all the time and jsut have it made. Not being rasist but thats the way it does work around here for some reason and its unfair to others that dont get it like that.
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